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Changing rear brakes with electrical hand-brake, hill assist and start button:

Replace SD card on navigation:

Fixing screen washer fluid leak:

Replace windshield washer nozzles:

Replace fuel filter on a Peugeot 508 2.0 HDI: - - -

Replace the cabin/pollen filter: - -

Replace/ change air filter 1.6 e-HDI: - -

Remove battery box and fuse box:

Replace battery

Instructions for tow bar / backlight modles / removal of back bumper:

Open peugeot headlight (permaseal):

Replace mirror cap and mirror indicator

Remove rear bumper SW:

Replace rear window lifter:

Replace window lifter cable:

Remove door handle:

Remove Steering Wheel:

Wrapping entire 508SW:

Lighter fuse replacement:

Clean vacuum valve air filter in 1.6 & 2.0 HDi:

HDI Clutch beelding

Delete DPF FAP

Remove mirror

Replace rear light

Replace fuel filter

Remove rear bumper

Change brake pads

Replace cabin filter

Replace / change oil and oil filter

Replace door handle / wireless entry

Replace alternator belt and tensioners

Remove front bumper

RT6 Screen replacement

Replace battery

Timing belt replacement

Remove battery

Speaker replacement

Change air filter

Change oil & oil filter

Change cabin filter

Replace fuel filter

Replace mirror flashing light

Remove battery and fuse box