Normal (Halogen) Headlights:

  • Parking lights = W5W 12V
  • Medium lights = H7 12V 55W
  • High lights = H7 12V 55W
  • Fog lights = H8 12V 35W
  • Turn signals = PY21W 12V (orange)
  • DRL Lights = P13W 12V

Xenon Headlights:

  • Medium and High lights = D1S xenon lamp (bi-xenon)
  • Fog lights = H8 12V 35W
  • Turn signals = PY21W 12V (orange)
  • DRL Lights = is led and same as parking lights


  • Reverse = W16W 12V
  • Turn signals = PY21W 12V (orange)

Source: About Headlights:

Led upgrades

  • Led bulbs (replacements for halogen bulbs, indoor + parking lights): 2.5watt

WARNING, bulbs are cheap, but sometimes they arrive broken.…/Hot-T10-White-Wedge-W5W…/390645971775…

Buy these for quality:

  • Fogs: 50 watt…/2x-50W-Bright-White-H11…/401045215392…

  • Backup lights: 10 watt…/2X-10W-Samsung-Led-5630…/201239473699…

  • Daytime lights: 29 watt - 50 watt…/P13W-Xenon-WHITE-29W-HI…/181105419356… &…/2x-Xenon-White-50W-P13W…/272039847168…

  • Licence plate: Full module (with original socket, not the chinese crap with 2 wires, they break very vast)(last link is peugeot original)

  • Xenon bulbs: 35 watt…/Cnlight-35W-H7-HID-Xeno…/181609862931…

  • Ballasts: 35 watt

  • LED indicator: 30 watt (Both the same item, different price)…/2x-30w-Bau15s-PY21W-115…/201505042588…

Source and pictures: Led upgrades with links:

Replace DRL daytime running lights:

Replace the low beam (h7):

Newest generation of fog lights (no glare):

Fixing the lack of light on the gearbox lever: - -

Remove reading light (halogen) back seat (with tutorial pictures):

Led license plate module:

Replace or change inner rear lights and backup lights:

Replace or change outer rear lights:

Another DRL module:

Door mood led light (2012 - 2014):

Change reading lights at front from halogen to led:

Open peugeot headlight (permaseal):

Install FOG leds Video

Replace interior bulbs, foot mood bulbs, licence plate bulbs, door bulbs to LED.

Replace xenon headlight

Replace mirror cap and mirror indicator

Replace rear light

Change headlight aim, type of country (EU / UK)

Peugeot Interieur LED removal / dome light

Peugeot High beam LED install H7