Normal (Halogen) Headlights:

  • Parking lights = W5W 12V
  • Medium lights = H7 12V 55W
  • High lights = H7 12V 55W
  • Fog lights = H8 12V 35W
  • Turn signals = PY21W 12V (orange)
  • DRL Lights = P13W 12V

Xenon Headlights:

  • Medium and High lights = D1S xenon lamp (bi-xenon)
  • Fog lights = H8 12V 35W
  • Turn signals = PY21W 12V (orange)
  • DRL Lights = is led and same as parking lights


  • Reverse = W16W 12V
  • Turn signals = PY21W 12V (orange)

Source: About Headlights:

Led upgrades

  • Led bulbs (replacements for halogen bulbs, indoor + parking lights): 2.5watt

WARNING, bulbs are cheap, but sometimes they arrive broken.…/Hot-T10-White-Wedge-W5W…/390645971775…

Buy these for quality:

  • Fogs: 50 watt…/2x-50W-Bright-White-H11…/401045215392…

  • Backup lights: 10 watt…/2X-10W-Samsung-Led-5630…/201239473699…

  • Daytime lights: 29 watt - 50 watt…/P13W-Xenon-WHITE-29W-HI…/181105419356… &…/2x-Xenon-White-50W-P13W…/272039847168…

  • Licence plate: Full module (with original socket, not the chinese crap with 2 wires, they break very vast)(last link is peugeot original)

  • Xenon bulbs: 35 watt…/Cnlight-35W-H7-HID-Xeno…/181609862931…

  • Ballasts: 35 watt

  • LED indicator: 30 watt (Both the same item, different price)…/2x-30w-Bau15s-PY21W-115…/201505042588…

Source and pictures: Led upgrades with links:

Replace DRL daytime running lights:

Replace the low beam (h7):

Newest generation of fog lights (no glare):

Fixing the lack of light on the gearbox lever: - -

Remove reading light (halogen) back seat (with tutorial pictures):

Led license plate module:

Replace or change inner rear lights and backup lights:

Replace or change outer rear lights:

Another DRL module:

Door mood led light (2012 - 2014):

Change reading lights at front from halogen to led:

Open peugeot headlight (permaseal):

Install FOG leds Video

Replace interior bulbs, foot mood bulbs, licence plate bulbs, door bulbs to LED.

Replace xenon headlight

Replace mirror cap and mirror indicator

Replace rear light